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You probably know about padel being the fastest growing sport in the world. You may even know about our five-star customer service and the fact we have the best padel facility in the whole of the USA right here in fabulous Las Vegas.

But did you know that we also create the most memorable experiences for a perfect private event?

Proudly Presenting Events by P1 Padel

Whatever you’re celebrating and whoever you’re inviting, we’ve got all the ingredients needed to make your next gathering a smashing success:

• Turnkey event packages built to
support any type of gathering
• A stunning 4,000 SF clubhouse
• Our very own Café 74
• Options to customize every last detail
• Events team dedicated to exceeding
your expectations
• 8 luxurious panoramic glass padel tennis
• Fully qualified Padel Coaches and Game
Masters to host and run your event
• Private parking for up to 50 vehicles

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OUR Events

We organize people into groups and take them through different activities that create drama, interaction, fun and competition.

Kids Groups & Birthdays

Think Padel is just for groups of grown ups? Think again!

At P1 Padel Las Vegas we offer padel events that are 100% family friendly. School-age children, tweens, and teens have a blast learning and playing the world's fastest growing sport, picking it up easily and quickly and immediately discovering their competitive side.

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VIP Events / Team Building

Something downright magical happens when a group of “grown ups” bond over a really good game. Walls come down. Smiles and laughter spontaneously break out. Trust becomes much stronger.

If your goal is to promote employee bonding, boost morale, improve health and wellness and foster a positive company/group culture - then you’re in exactly the right place!

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Adult Parties

It’s Vegas Baby! And we’re all here to have fun. For a sporty, spontaneous time together, you just can’t beat P1 Padel.

We’ll lay on the perfect combo of competitive play and chilled fun skills challenges to test everyone in the group. And of course you’ll all walk away with your very own “Certificate of Competence” - the “P1 Padel Rating” - so you’ll know exactly how well you fared against the rest of the group.

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Venue Buyout

When it’s time to go big, go with P1 Padel! When you book a whole-venue buyout, your guests will get the run of the place for up to 5 fun-filled hours.

Active and competitive socializing at its very best with skills challenges and different competitions.

Café 74 will keep the party festive with an array of options to suit every palette. Or bring in one of your favorites with our third party catering options and the option to bring in a full licensed bar to spice up your party.

Our luxurious clubhouse and beautiful garden setting are decorated with plenty of photo opportunities to make sure the excitement of the party is captured to be shared and remembered for years to come.

You’ll be able to relax and actually enjoy your grand celebration, because we’ve expertly handled every last delightful detail.

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“The best padel club in the States! We are fortunate here in Vegas to have such a club. Highly recommended!! Come join us!”

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